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About Us


Kimyagaran Emrooz is a leading producing company in surfactant sector in Middle East’s chemical industries. It is established in 1995 by private investment. Kimyagaran is the result of years of research and studies by its experienced experts and professionals.

The company’s plan of action is based on appreciation of its human resources, ethical behavior in public relations and responsibility towards contributing to development of neighboring communities.

Commitment to these principles and values are reflected in various development programs designed for our personnel.

Kimyagaran business’s model is based on three strategic backbones:

  • Market leadership; which allows the company to contribute to product range development of petrochemical, pharmaceutical and detergent industries.
  • Cost competitiveness; which is the result of scale gains and synergies deriving from the company’s analysts and managers.
  • Technical independence; which allows the company to achieve differentiated profitability with the sector and helps improving its customer’s competitiveness level, both in the domestic and international markets